February 28, 2012

Day 6: Margaritas help you think

aka I can write two things at once.  I'm currently working on my 4 page paper that is due tonight at 6 and for some reason, John decided to make margaritas.  One would assume this would hinder the brains process, but it totally didn't.  Before the margaritas were made, I had words on the page and once I started drinking the margarita, there were MORE WORDS ON THE PAGE!  It was like an essay miracle.  It probably had nothing to do with the alcohol because I only took a few sips.  It was probably the massive amount of sugar in the mix that woke my brain up and said "HEY!  Hey..... IT'S TIME TO WRITE THINGS!"  I still have a page and half left to go but I also have an hour and a half left to write.  That's like half a page every 30 minutes.  If only the text were more interesting, I would have been done with this yesterday.  Reading this book was like running uphill.  I had to reread many things so that I could fully understand stuff I don't care about.  Somebody slap me next time I think its a good idea to take a history class.  It's a bad idea. 

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