May 6, 2013

Walking For Life...FOR LIFE

I have felt a lot better since I started doing this 10K a day.  I usually have more energy during the evenings and have found myself able to relax much better than I ever have before.  Who knew that I only needed to get a bit more exercise to balance out a little?  I've since decided to continue this regiment of sorts after these next two weeks are up.  And also, I can't believe that we're in the last two weeks of this walk already!  Six weeks seriously goes by very quickly!

Walk for Life update:  In less than 36 hours, I obtained my goal of $150 to donate to the pregnancy center for teen pregnancy prevention and health care/adoption options for pregnant mothers.  I should have totally taken a picture of the t-shirt I got for the event, but I can't find my camera at the moment and am too lazy to go look for it.  Maybe I'll update a picture later.  The walk itself was pretty easy.  I do twice that on a given day (as it turns out, my pedometer isn't accurately tracking my steps).

Special thanks to everyone who sponsored my walk!  You guys rock!  Also:  Woo!  Two weeks left of 10K a day!  I almost made it!

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