April 12, 2017


I've kinda given up already.  Which is a shame because lent is almost over.  I've been a little stressed out about apartment hunting.  But good news!  We have been approved for an apartment!  We just need to get our deposit in today to hold it.  This place pretty much hits all the points on our wish list: better neighborhood, good school district, washer/dryer in the apartment, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool, and playground.  The biggest downside is the parking which will be hard to have guests over but we do get 2 spaces so we'll have an extra until we get a second car.  And it's at the higher end of our price range but the price dropped $50 a month right before we applied!  So, we're gonna move, get settled, and then I can do some career hunting!  I don't need to work so I'm holding out for a job that I really love and want to do.  But I'm also tired of staying home all the time so I hope I find it. 

Speaking of which, Marshall is screaming at me right now so.... time to go. 

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