April 6, 2017

It finally happened

I took a shirt out of Bishops dresser and put it straight into Marshall's.  He's wearing it now.  It won't be long before they're practically in the same size clothes and I end up mixing them up.  Either they won't care or they'll fight over clothes all the time.  I'm thinking they wont care.  Bishop saw Marshall in his shirt and said "hey, that's just like my shirt" and I said "that is your shirt" and then he went about his business because boys don't care what shirt they're wearing.  Although Bishop did get mad once because he had to take off a Paw Patrol shirt that he'd been wearing for 2 days.  I'm kinda surprised he hasn't asked about it since then.  That kid basically lives for Paw Patrol now.  I'm pretty sure that's going to be his next birthday theme.  He's been asking for a dog.  We told him he can get a fish.  He's gonna name it Chase.... after the puppy from Paw Patrol.  That's kinda like having a puppy right? 

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